Shoe Care

Some tips for maintaining nice shoes

• Waterproof leather, suede and nubuck shoes before using them. waterproofing-spray protects the shoes against dirt and rain.

• Wipe the shoes with a brush or cloth to remove dirt immediately after use

• Let the shoes dry at room temperature. Avoid drying cabinet and elements as the heat may destroy the material and impair the characteristics of the shoes.

• Treat skin shoes with shoe cream regularly

• Treat suede and nubuck shoes with shoe cream intended for the material

• Tie up the shoe strap / loosen the buckle when you wear and tear off the shoes

• Use shoe horn to keep the back cover longer

• Use shoe latch to maintain the shape of the shoes. Boots are hung with a boot clamp so they are straightened out.

• Let the shoes rest every other day so that they are dry the next time you use them